Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

Please meet today's Awesome Adoptable! This handsome hunk is Henry! Henry is a one year old.... Um..... Well, okay we are not sure what breed Henry might be. He is most definitely unique and we can guarantee you won't see another Henry is your neighborhood! Henry is a gem - He is a big boy but thinks he is a lap dog and loves to give and get affection! Henry is good with most other dogs and loves every person he meets. Henry is ready to start a new life as a member of a loving family! For more information about adopting Henry, please call or E-mail our Center today!


South Jersey's Only 100% No-Kill Animal Shelterhttp://www.animaladoption.com/
Our Mission

To rescue and welcome abandoned and unwanted companion animals in a No-Kill environment.

To shelter, nurture, and support all loving animals until they find their families and can leave us for safe, caring homes.

To give care with compassion.

To gently and lovingly end the suffering of an animal if it is too ill or injured to recover.

To provide spay and neuter services to ensure that our animals cannot create other unwanted animals.

To take our mission out into the community to teach people about humane treatment and kindness toward animals and the importance of spay/neutering.

To be loving and supportive: with the animals, in our community, and to each other.
Company Overview
We're a non-profit group of animal lovers that seek to protect and provide for dogs and cats and animals in Camden County. Since our inception in 1991, we've dedicated our time and hearts to helping animals find homes and loving families. Though our resources are often limited, we cherish and nuture every cat and dog we're able to until they're adopted or we make sure they live out their lives in a caring, comfortable environment. We do not kill or euthanize animals in our care unless medically necessitated, and even then, only with heavy hearts.

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