Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today's Animal in Need


Yesterday we received the call that a young elephant was all alone on Galana Ranch, he'd been seen for a few days and was clearly without his mother and herd. A rescue was immediately organised and our team flew to the scene to secure the calf.

Estimated to be about a year old, this orphaned male elephant is now in the safety of the Nairobi Nursery. He has a gash in his left ear, which is an old wound. He is quite thin and given the area, a suspected poaching victim. It is however positive to note that he has already been taking milk and he is feisty, which is another good early sign.

With all new arrivals, the first few weeks are critical and our dedicated team of keepers will be doing all they can, with the support of the other orphan elephants, to help this latest arrival adjust to his new home and come to terms with the loss of his mother.

We are grateful to all those people that support our efforts and enable us to come to the aid of orphaned elephants in need, so that we might offer them a chance of survival and ultimately a life back in the wild when grown.
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