Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Fling - and haiku

Listen!  Woodland drums
inviting you to the dance!
Annual Spring Fling.

This is a downy woodpecker inviting you to the Spring Fling.  Kylie and I hear these drums every morning during our walk - this morning, they were especially loud.

I met a little downy woodpecker a few years ago.  She flew into the storm door window, stunning herself.  I quickly went outside, scooped her up and held her in my cupped hands for about 10 minutes; her little talon was wrapped around my pinky finger.  I felt her stirring and, when I opened my hands, she promptly pooped in them and then flew off.

I think that was her way of thanking me!

{My haiku Muse went on vacation some time ago, but she made a brief visit this morning....perhaps she will return more frequently with the Spring!}

This hairy woodpecker is slightly larger than the downy woodpecker.
I put this video in so that you can really hear the drums
when the sound is slowed down.


  1. Wonderful videos and love the essence of Spring Fling in your haiku ~ ^_^

  2. Woodland drums, I love that line. I have a pair of downies in my yard, and I will forever think of their rat-a-tat-tats as woodland drums now.

  3. Yeah, well I'm not thrilled with the drumming. . . there's a misguided fellow that's chosen to drum on my downspouts as a prelude to re-pecking the holes he drilled in my siding last year. We've trying spraying him with water from the super-soaker squirt gun, but he's learned that it's a mere annoyance.

  4. good morning delphyne,
    welcome back such a treat to have you re emerge with the drumbeat of spring unfurling! i have the doors all open just to take in the song of life. your presence has sweetened my moment.
    let's dance!

  5. I hear the drums too...something new to me
    as it is our first spring in this house.
    I am glad you put the video up...
    now I know which bird is whom :)

  6. oh I love this... such a welcome sound:-)

  7. We have one in the neighborhood. Knock,knock, knocking every night. How
    long do these spring flings last?

  8. Oh how wonderful it is to hear the birds again! They get so quiet in winter, conserving energy against the cold I guess. I love the woodpeckers, they are friendly and colorful! Thanks for sharing the videos! I'll see you at the Spring Fling!

    Green Flame

  9. Muses are fickle, aren't they? Hope yours decides to stay around for a while!

    Meadow Flowers

  10. Oh I just loved this! I wrote about birds too this week. They do make one's heart sing, don't they. Thanks for sharing.


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