Friday, March 15, 2013

Natural Beauty

Heart of Central Asia
This satellite image features the heart-shaped Small Aral Sea, the former northern basin of the Aral Sea that once supported a vibrant economy in Central Asia. The whitish area surrounding the lakebed is a vast salt plain, now called the Aralkum Desert, left behind by the evaporating sea.


  1. you have an amazing ability to discover beauty and share it holy!
    has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?
    i have been so remiss in the world of blogs. i miss you. and like spring, i have returned!
    much love to you!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca - so glad you liked this image. I certainly did!

      Spring is pushing Winter to leave, but Winter is tenacious - I think we'll have a bit of snow today along with the cold, cold weather!

      Glad you have returned - everyone misses your absences, including me. I am well, but my haiku Muse seems to have left for warmer climes! Hoping she'll return soon! xoxo

  2. While you wait for your haiku heart to return perhaps you will feel the urge to share mondays. Something new at recuerda mi corazon.

  3. This is gorgeous. (I have a thing about natural hearts ... I like them in clouds. :)

    1. Natural hearts are wonderful to find/see!


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