Monday, March 11, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

HAILEY- 26 year-old 18hh Belgian mare- companion/pasture pet only


Hailey was formerly owned by a person who was brought to court for animal neglect on another horse. She is an extremely sweet and kind mare. Hailey makes a great companion and has wonderful manners. She has a muscle issue in her right hind leg due to atrophy, so is only pasture sound. Hailey enjoys living outside 24/7 with a shed, but is also good in a stall; during winter, a stall is sometimes better since she has scratches on her legs that were previously infected which need to stay clean and dry.

Located in Allentown, New Jersey area.


Hailey is available FREE to an approved home with a minimum 60 day period. Adopter must be located within a six hour drive of Allentown/Chesterfield, NJ.

PM Diana Tuorto or email for more information or an application. Questions about Gem can also be directed to (609) 481-8561.


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