Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today's Animal in Need

BEYOND URGENT!! NJ, Jersey City "Kodiak" Visually Impaired Senior GSD **LOVES EVERYONE!!**

Handsome Kodiak, is a vision impaired senior shepherd boy at Liberty Humane in Jersey City, NJ.....he is in dire need to get out of the shelter folks.....he is too lare for any of their cages so he can't be placed on the adoption floor. Please share poor Kodiak's information with your contacts.

I was working on Petfinder descriptions tonight for the new dogs at Liberty Humane who have just been evaluated. I saw this guy, Kodiak, and wondered if either of you know any GSD rescues that I might be able to forward his information to. Kodiak is 10 years old. He's too large for most of our cages, so he can't be on the adoption floor. He has some trouble with his eyesight, but he's otherwise healthy and happy. He's a gentle sweetheart -- loves everyone, all ages, all sizes, has no resource guarding, possesses a low energy level. I hate to see senior dogs back in the shelter, and I thought since he's something other than a pit bull, he might have more of a shot at rescue.

We haven't been able to do a dog-to-dog test on him because some of our dogs are ill with a respiratory infection. We are not allowing the dogs to get that close to each other right now. But he's overall pretty mellow and seems dog friendly.

Kodiak's full Petfinder description is here:


Liberty Humane Society
Jersey City, NJ

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