Thursday, November 29, 2012

Furoshiki gift wrapping

I love to wrap packages and was delighted to find this and other clever ways to wrap them on the Care2 site.

Here are some of the ways I've wrapped gifts:

One of my favorite wrappers is a brown paper bag, turned inside out if it has a supermarket design on it and then embellished with anything - from fresh herbs to dried flowers to sea shells to feathers to raw wool.  I use stamp pads to provide color and individual stamps for more design.  I glue on handmade paper and have used African fabric and African buttons in the past.  I use interesting post cards, things from newspapers or magazines, funny sayings, etc.  The wrapping paper becomes a collage of sorts - primitive, childlike, but totally me.

All of my wrappings are 3 dimensional - flat designs are not my style as I don't actually understand 2 dimensional space.  

Wrapping gifts is very meditative and I'm always surprised at the final result.

I also love it because it's very ecological.

How do you wrap gifts?


  1. These are GORGEOUS. What an amazing way to do this.I'm obviously far too conservative in the way I wrap gifts. I think I will take a arrow from your quiver and try this. LOVELY! (I really like this. Perhaps you can tell. ;)

    1. I'll bet your wrapping creations will be astonishing! Please to take pictures!

  2. 2, 3, 4 and 5 are displayed on my bookshelf : )

    1. And made with LOVE! Just for you!

      So glad you are still enjoying them! :-)


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