Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's Animal in Need


Dedicated to saving homeless animals and placing them in forever homes via adoption.
Step by step reaching the goal of no abandoned dog "left behind".
Company Overview
Bill Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Foundation that rescues primarily dogs from the Los Angeles City & County Shelter Systems, or other dire situations and places them in loving homes. Since receiving its non-profit status and beginning operation in May 2000, Bill Foundation has rescued and placed over 2000 dogs.
Bill Foundation is a tribute to Bill, a rescued Golden/Lab who lost his valiant battle to cancer in August 1998. Those of us who have lost a beloved pet to terminal illness know the sense of frustration and grief Bill’s guardians felt. Bill Foundation founders, Jo and Peter Forman, decided to focus their grief into a positive channel by saving the lives of dogs who could be saved: those who, through no fault of their own, end up in the L.A. high kill shelters.
General Information
Bill Foundation relies solely on donations to continue and expand its work. Every dollar contributed brings us closer to the day when no dog is left behind.

100% of all contributions directly support the rescue, care & placement of our dogs.

Consider donating in memory of a beloved pet or person, or making Bill Foundation a class project at school.

There are several ways to donate:

*PayPal - Just click on the paypal button on our website and it automatically takes you to our PayPal form.

*Check donations via mail can be sent to:
The Bill Foundation
PO Box 5202
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

*Use your Ralph’s card when shopping, iGive at over 500 stores, or shopping on line through

Thanks so much, and here's to the day when all animals are treated with respect, kindness, and love.

The Bill Foundation website is here and their FB is here.

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