Thursday, November 29, 2012

This disturbs me...

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Why not just boycott the parent company brands? Those of us who support organics rarely buy products like Diet Pepsi or Kellogg’s Genetically-Modified-Sugar-Coated Frosted Flakes. The only way to pressure Big Food is to boycott the brands w
e actually buy. Brands like Kashi, Naked Juice, Horizon, Silk, Honest Tea and yes, even Ben & Jerry’s.

Let’s be clear. These Big Food companies are gobbling up organic brands to make money and to greenwash the fact that industrial agriculture, factory farms, and their so-called "conventional" brands are undermining public health and destroying the environment and climate stability. They recognize the huge profit potential in the fast-growing organic and natural markets. They want our business. If we stop buying their organic and so-called "natural" brands, they know there’s a good chance we’ll find alternative brands. We might never look back.
Read more about the boycott here, where you can "Take Action" with a prepared letter to the parent companies.


  1. I find it so frustrating that these products are now owned by huge conglomerates. Argh.

    1. It seems worse out here, Em - in the West, I never heard all of the drug commercials that I hear in the East. Any of the "Edible Communities" will have more of the "locavore: information, which reminds me of California.

      The corporations that have taken over these formerly health conscious small companies are the reason I stopped using a certain dog food and the vitamin company that I used for years and, when I worked for WFM, used to push. Not any longer. When small companies sell out to Proctor and Gamble, they have lost my business. Innova and New Chapter, I am looking at YOU!

    2. Crap. New Chapter is what I take. Argghhh!

    3. Oh, Em - I feel your pain! I was so furious when they made the announcement that I wrote to them a couple of times and sort of lost it on my FB page! It felt like such a betrayal.

      Mega Food has some food grown vitamins and there is another one whose name escapes me right now. When I think of it, I'll be back!


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