Wednesday, December 26, 2012


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My visits to Clarity are soothing now.  He never tells me what to think or feel or do but shows me how to find out what I need to know. 
It was not always like this.  I used to visit other people who visited him.  Finally, I summoned the courage to call on him myself. 
I still remember the first time I went to see him.  Was I surprised. He lives on a hill in a little house surrounded by wild roses. 
I went into the living room and sat down in a comfortable chair by the fireplace.  There were topographical maps on the walls, and the room was full of stuff, musical instruments and telescopes and globes, geodes and crystals and old Italian tarot decks, two small cats. 
When I left, he presented me with a sketchbook and told me to draw the same thing every day until the drawing started to speak to me.
from The Book of Qualities

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