Monday, December 24, 2012

Today's Animal in Need


Horses seized from cruelty case (5 photos)
We received a call on four malnourished horses. This is the second time we have been to this residence, the first time the owners were educated about proper care and food for them. Upon follow up the horses had lost more weight. All four horses have been seized and will be seen by Dr. Jody today. 
We received a call this morning about four malnourished horses. All four horses were seized. We are in need of horse leads, horse feed and hay. Any donations can be dropped off here at our facility located at 46219 River Rd (Hwy 1064). We can also schedule to do pick ups on donations. For any questions please call our office at 985-419-9900.


The Tangi Humane Society, is completely funded by private donations. We are a 501(c) (3) non profit,all volunteer organization and all donations are tax deductible according to the laws of the IRS.
Stop Cruelty

We investigate and work with local authorities to enforce laws to protect animals from abuse and neglect. Animal cruelty can be a felony in Louisiana. We actively work to aid in the prosecution and punishment of animal abusers.

Restore Health

When animals come into the care of Tangi Humane Society, they are 1st quarantined and receive appropriate veterinary care. We provide a safe, clean environment so they can heal, regain their strength and ultimately find new, loving homes.

Loving Homes

When our rescues are ready for adoption, we host Pet Adoption Days in the community so people can meet and possibly adopt our rescued pets. Applications are taken and carefully considered before any animal is adopted.

Teach Respect

Tangi Humane Society Volunteers speak in local elementary schools on the importance of humane animal care and responsible pet ownership. They also work with local community groups to raise funds and awareness to help end the cycle of animal neglect and pet overpopulation.

Stop Overpopulation

We work with local veterinarians to bring low-cost spay/neuter services to rural parts of the Parish to help curb the pet overpopulation problem that is so prevalent in our Parish.

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