Friday, December 28, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

Rambo's small foal dragged by the neck during State of Nevada Capture of Virginia Range Wild Horses, December 2012.
This is an emergency. Your help is urgently needed to save 41 wild Nevada mustangs from slaughter – including Rambo and his family (pictured below) and the small foal (pictured above) who was dragged by the neck at a recent capture site. These wild horses were captured on Nevada's Virginia Range by the state Department of Agriculture and will be put up for bid at a slaughter auction on January 9.
Unless local advocates raise $10,000 to rescue these historic mustangs, they will be purchased by kill buyers and trucked to Mexico where they will be slaughtered.
The amazing local Nevada groups have already rescued 99 wild Virginia Range horses captured by the state by purchasing them from the slaughter auction. They have temporary housing lined up for the 41 horses currently in jeopardy – if only we can raise the funds to allow them to save these beautiful mustangs. With our support, local Nevada advocates are ready to mobilize, again, to prevent these horses from suffering a gruesome fate.
These heroic rescues could not take place without the generosity of AWHPC supporters, who have allowed AWHPC to send significant funds to Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund to underwrite these lifesaving efforts. But the hard work of caring for this many horses while locating permanent homes is draining resources, and the advocates again need our help.  

Will you please help these dedicated advocates with this heroic rescue effort?  

Click on this link to take you to the donation page and thank you very much if you are able to make a contribution!

UPDATE 1/10/13:

Dear Delphyne,
I am pleased to announce that, because of a truly global outpouring of support, the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign was successful in raising funds necessary to save 41 beautiful wild horses from slaughter today in Nevada.

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