Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Because I need a laugh...

Image from the dog shaming site.

The last 4 images were taken from the Internet, various sites.

The first cartoon is one of my favorite cartoons by Gary Larson, who is my favorite cartoonist and damn, do I miss him!  I have the 2 volume set of all his cartoons - it's like my bible.


  1. Oh I love that last one! So awesome and so true! And I miss Gary Larson too. So funny. (I can balance a checkbook, but I rarely do, so I live as though I can't. Which is wrong. My next bank account, I'm balancing, daggumit.)

    1. !I don't balance my checkbook, - there's never much in that account to balance. Besides, I check it online every day since I use my debit card for pretty much everything. I've become one of those "if I don't have the cash for it, I don't buy it" people. I don't have a credit card, either, which is probably not a good thing, but when I got divorced, I just got into way too much trouble with credit cards....don't want to repeat that. Ever.

      There was a display of Gary Larson cartoons in Golden Gate Park - can't remember exactly where - which was so much fun. People walking about, stopping and then laughing hysterically. The funniest people, though, were the ones who stopped at one of the cartoons and just didn't get it. I've had to explain a Gary Larson cartoon to people and it's excruciatingly painful.

    2. Actually, I'm the same. Eventually I suppose I need a credit card. Once in awhile I need to rent a car and it's a huge hassle without one, if you can get them to do it at all. (I find you have to go to the more fly-by-night operations.)

    3. Explaing: Oh noos.

      People walking by and laughing hysterical would be awesome, though.


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