Friday, October 26, 2012

Natural Beauty

(Image from here)


  1. I was going to say she puts me in mind of Hopi land and she's Hopi! So there's a reason for that. (I may go through there on my out of Arizona.)

    1. I love those Hopi maiden whorls. When I was in my 20s with very long hair, I used to put them in ponytails (looking like a giant 5 year old) and then either twirl them or tuck them under. The effect was similar to this style, but without the finesse.

      Heading over to your blog later - saw that there was a new entry. Had to shop today for some supplies for the upcoming storm....people get crazy out here with the weather.

    2. Ah, I wish I'd let my hair get really long when I was younger. It would reach a certain point and I'd chop it all off!

      Good luck with the storm, hopefully it will downgrade significantly by the time it hits where you are. It's been pretty awful for the folks in the Caribbean.


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