Tuesday, October 9, 2012

La Calaca a Day - #9

(Image from here)

Woman That Glows In The Dark

I woke up to my illusions,
and now I can’t sleep.
I have no desires
and now I can’t eat
what you dish out to me.
I’ll stay awake forever if I have to.
I live in the crack of an egg.
In the space
between galaxies and earth mud.
Along the thin borders
of enlightenment and darkness.
I saw through the smoky mirror,
and my third eye winked at me!
Time is an illusion,
and eternity lives
in the cracks of everything
that is dualized.
like living in the middle of
and gray is my color
in black/white.
I’m cozy in the nucleus of past/future and
I am the ember seed in light/dark.
I am Woman that Glows in the Dark.
I’ll stay awake forever
if I have to.

Poem is by Elena Avila, a Curandera.  She is the author of the book with the same title.  I read it some years ago and would recommend it.  Sadly, she passed away in March, 2011.

(Rebecca is hosting La Calaca a Day for the month of October.  You can participate here.).


  1. I just ordered this book - cannot wait to read it! thank you for sharing!

    1. It's a very interesting book about an even more interesting woman - I hope you enjoy it, Hettienne!

  2. "between the galaxies and the earth mud"

    i love the mystery that lies in between the spaces, between the seen and unseen worlds.

    thank you for walking each day of october with me. for bringing your light and warmth. for opening the door to hearts.

    1. Thank YOU, Rebecca, for hosting such a meaningful themed month and for all of the other invitations you extend for people to participate with an open heart.

  3. Your painting is spectacular and at first glance I thought of Our Lady of Guadalupe because of the border. I, too, will order this book. I love the poem. I have tried several times to post, but it is denying me. I am not unknown. I am Redondowriter.

  4. Hi, Redondowriter - sorry you had a problem with posting. Even I encounter problems when trying to respond to a comment! I think it's Blogger and not you. I'll make sure that the settings are correct.

    The painting isn't one that I did - I found it online and it, too, reminded me of La Senora.

    I hope you enjoy the book - I really liked it when I read it back in 2000 or 2001. I found myself underlining so much of the book that felt important. I will have to go back and pick it up again.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Spectacular poem!
    "I have no desires
    and now I can’t eat
    what you dish out to me."
    and a very interesting piece of art.

  6. Hi Delphyne, just love your calacas and the poem that goes with it. I will look this book up too. Thank you for sharing. By the way, who is that beautiful woman on your sidebar with the scarf and big earrings? She is just beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Gloria - I hope that you enjoy the book!

      The woman on the sidebar? Well, I don't know - I found her online and put her up there because she reminded me of myself when I was young - I had a lot of freckles like that, our noses are very similar and I used to wear my long hair tied back like that.

      The woman's ancestry is Gyspy/Roma - not sure what part of the world, but I'm guessing Eastern Europe. I've thought for so many years that some part of my mother's lineage is Gypsy - but, unless I do one of the DNA tests, it will simply remain a strong, intuitive feeling. My mother's family history is shrouded in mystery and no one wanted to talk much about it, including her.

      Always enjoy your visits!


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