Monday, October 15, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

(Picture from Fences for Fido's FB page)

This is Blue, who, along with his 2 other brothers, recently received a fenced-in yard, courtesy of Fences for Fido located in Portland, Oregon. This is a wonderful group of people who volunteer their time to build fences for dogs who would otherwise remain tethered/chained - day in and day out.

Being a 24/7 outdoor dog is not an ideal situation for any dog, but being confined by a chain and being outdoors is cruel and unsafe for the dog.  Fences for Fido provides the safety of a fenced in yard for the dog(s) and sturdy shelter from the elements.  Yes, the dogs get a new doghouse to replace their usually shabby one!

Here is a bit of information about Fences for Fido:

Fences For Fido improves the quality of life for chained dogs living outside in the elements day and night. We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.
To improve the quality of life for dogs living outdoors by removing chains, building fences, providing shelters, offering spay/neuter, and raising awareness about the physical, mental and emotional needs of dogs and why chaining a dog is inhumane and dangerous.
Company Overview
Fences For Fido, an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit, attends to all needs by building a fence, removing the chain, supplying a warm dog house, providing critical vet care and spay/neuter, and returning yearly to ensure the dog lives a safe, un-chained life.
Need a fence or know someone who does? - Request a fence online: 
Or call 503-646-1546
Fence requests can be made anonymously.

Join us at a build:

General Information
We are a 100% all-volunteer organization! We have NO paid staff!

Contact our facebook manager at:
Contact our news and events coordinator at: 
Contact our donations/fundraising coordinator at: 
Contact our administrative director at:


  1. Portland! See? Portland is this amazing place where people build free fences for dogs! Someday: Portland & a dog. This is my future!

    My dogs go everywhere with me so they rarely need fences, especially as I never own property. But even if I did, which I would safely fence in, the dog/s would probably be in the car with me or walking a trail with me or on a date with me. Hmmm. Okay. Maybe not that last one. But maybe! You never know!

    1. Portland is a nice city and has some interesting people living there. The PNW is lovely, but outside of BC, I don't know that I'd live there. I think it's the weather that puts me off; however, after being back in NJ, I think I'm a bit more open to PNW weather!

      Kylie's alright in the car, but she'd rather be out loping along on a walk in the woods. We disobey the signs about having a dog leashed at all times - we only got warned once by the county police once. Hopefully, our luck will hold...

      And you never know about being on a date and having your dogs go with you!


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