Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

My friend Jasmine does tremendous work at Anglesey Pet Rescue in Wales, UK. This is one of the kitties who needs a forever home.

Meet Franky.  Here's what Jasmine said about her:

Franky - 5 month old tamed feral kitten. has been in foster care aprox 3 months now and is the biggest softy ever. You won't get a more affectionate kitten than this little lady. She is very good with children too. Please inbox me if you can adopt my beautiful foster kitten. 

From their FB page:
So we still have the foster cats in foster care desperately needing new homes. They are beautifully natured and ever so affectionate. They will make great pets. If looking to adopt a cat please send me a message.
You can view more animals at their FB page.

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