Friday, October 5, 2012

Wisdom must be imparted


Mother taught me many a thing
Though her children now have started
To show me what she could not
For wisdom must be imparted
The swallow taught me how to sing
The squirrel taught me how to save
The beaver showed me how to build
The skunk taught me how to bathe
The dove, she taught me modesty
The peacock taught me to be proud
The mouse, he taught me silence
The thunder to be loud
The turtle taught me patience
The falcon taught me speed
The only thing the weasel said
Was doing dirty deeds
The eagle made me keen of sight
The coyote made me hear
The wolf taught camaraderie
And strength was by the bear
The fox told me of cheating death
The rattlesnake how to make it
The fly spoke of accepting it
The opossum how to fake it
The cougar taught me courage
The dolphin taught me play
The raccoon taught me thievery
The mantis how to pray
The deer taught me how to dance
The rabbit how to flee
The trees murmured of times long past
And the river spoke of the sea
The grasses whispered of being trimmed
And the flowers spoke of rain
But I taught myself that every spring
The cycle begins again

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