Friday, October 19, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

(Image taken from their FB page)
TYSON UPDATE.......Our dear boy is back with us. All of our animals are foster to adopt for the first month and then if we feel it is a great match for the dog and the family, we approve the adoption. Unfortunately, Tyson was just too much for this wonderful family. They loved him but couldn't give him all the exercise he needs on a daily basis. Our boy is all muscle and loves to get out and run. He would be great with a runner, hiker, etc. He loves people and children but is too strong and big to be around small children. He needs a strong handler that is comfortable with him. The best news of all is that Tyson has started playing with one of our other wonderful dogs, Smuckers. Here is a picture of them hanging out, waiting to come in after a long day of playing. Please, fill out our Adoption Application below if you think you have the best home for this wonderful boy.

About Jennifer Smith President, Noah's Arks Rescue We supply emergency medical & surgical care to abused animals. We are a 501c3 not for profit rescue. Please, help us, help them, by DONATING toward their care.
To bring awareness to all the abused animals in this country that are being euthanized instead of being helped.
Company Overview
Jennifer Sample Smith, President, Noah's Arks Rescue

We supply emergency medical/surgical care to abused animals. We are the last resort for the animals that we take into our program. Without us, these wonderful animals would be euthanized.

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