Monday, October 22, 2012

La Calaca a Day - #22

(Image found here)

Enduring Success

I stand amongst the courageous,
who've rallied despite the rain.

Who've succeeded and prevailed,
ignoring all the pain.

Marking each of life's lessons in totem and ink.
Making souls soar, making minds think.

For it has not proved enough to survive, to bow down or demure...
So we mark ourselves and boast, our achievements...we endured.

(Rebecca is hosting La Calaca a Day for the month of October.  You can participate here.).


  1. Wow, Lots of beautiful work, truly a work of love.

    1. Thanks, Adriana - I was mesmerized by this tattoo. The eyes are just amazing - everything about it is gorgeous to me. I would love to have a work of art like this on my body!

  2. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it!! The guy who did this is a real artiste....

  3. delphyne,
    you are such a wonderful sleuth! day after day discovering beauty and sharing heartfelt words. thank you for gracing my days, even when i am caught in a whirlwind of responsibilities that keep me from sitting beside you as long as i desire and drinking you in!
    thank you for you la calaca love!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca I've enjoyed learning more about El Dia and finding images of great beauty, soulfulness and whimsy!


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