Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

Alpaca cria Zeus came to the sanctuary several weeks ago after his mum Bianca became critically ill and could no longer feed him. He is being bottle raised here, and he is getting bigger, stronger, cheekier and cuter every day! The good news is that his mum is continuing to improve, but she still has a way to go in her recovery. Zeus is getting along really well with the rest of the residents, and he has even been seen giving Midget the miniature pony a little kiss!

About Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary is a non-profit charity located in the scenic Yarra Valley in Victoria. Gunyah provides a safe haven for animals that need longer term care due to illness, abuse or neglect & special needs animals.
There are too many animals discarded or 'put to sleep' because they need time to heal - whether it be because they are ill, have suffered abuse or neglect, or because they have other special needs. Shelters and rescue groups cannot always cater for them and allow them the time and care that they need. Kathy firmly believes that these animals also deserve a 'second chance' at a happy, healthy life.

The Sanctuary's mission is to provide all the animals it has offered refuge with the highest quality care and holistic, integrated treatments; whilst allowing them all the time and security that they need to heal and flourish.
Company Overview
The name Gunyah was chosen because 'Gunyah' means 'place of shelter', and the Founder thought it was beautifully apt.
Although rescue work has been going on at Gunyah for more than a decade, the charity was officially formed in July 2010 after overwhelming public support for one miniature pony rescue who Kathy longed to save and who needed life-saving surgery, IF the money could somehow be found!
Fortunately one small ad. in a local paper was soon picked up by other media, and the saving of little Midget the miniature pony touched the hearts of many Australians.
It had been the Founder Kathy Munslows' life long dream to set up an animal healing sanctuary, having rescued and cared for animals all her life. She especially wanted to create a safe haven for animals that would not have been given a chance elsewhere because they needed unlimited time, lots of love and personal interaction, and extra veterinary and therapeutic help to heal. With so much public support for Midget bringing about a growing awareness of all the rescue work Kathy was doing, this seemed like the perfect time and opportunity for her to begin to fulfil her vision!

* Gunyah relies solely on donations and support from the wider community to help pay for the upkeep of the animals currently in care, and to enable Kathy to rescue more of the others in dire need. Your financial help is greatly appreciated - as without it Kathy cannot continue to make this beautiful, life-affirming 'difference' in the lives of so many animals.

You can find out more about Gunyah at their website and FB page.

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