Saturday, October 20, 2012

La Calaca a Day - #20

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The meal receives an ecstatic response from Tita's family members, especially Pedro, who always compliments Tita's cooking. A more curious affect is observed in Gertrudis, the second sister. The meal serves as an aphrodisiac for her, arousing in her an insatiable sexual desire. This turbulent emotion pulses through Gertrudis and on to Pedro. Tita herself goes through a sort of out-of-body experience. Throughout the dinner, Tita and Pedro stare at each other, entranced.
The death of Nacha leaves Tita alone and without a confidant in the domain of the De La Garza kitchen. Inheriting the role of ranch cook, Tita comforts herself by preparing elaborate dishes. With a rose given to her secretly by Pedro, Tita prepares quail in rose petal sauce. The recipe is of pre-Hispanic origin, and it is in Nacha's voice that the secrets are transmitted.

When the meal is complete, Gertrudis goes to prepare a shower to rid herself of the pink sweat and rose-scented aroma she emits. The force of her heat and passion, still strong from the aphrodisiacal meal, causes the water from the primitive ranch shower to evaporate on contact and eventually sets the structure on fire. Fleeing naked from the burning shower, Gertrudis is scooped up onto a galloping horse by a soldier in the revolutionary army, who was drawn to the area by her intoxicating scent. The soldier and Gertrudis ride off. Unable to follow the lustful path of Gertrudis, Tita is left on the ranch.

This summary of Chapter 3 of Like Water for Chocolate can be found here. It was the bandito in the above picture that reminded me of the movie scene when Gertrudis is overcome with passion and is scooped up by him.  I couldn't find the video that showed that scene, but here is the scene leading up to it.

Seriously sensual, no?

(Rebecca is hosting La Calaca a Day for the month of October.  You can participate here.).


  1. Hi Delphyne. Oh yes I remember it well. I have the movie and now you've got me wanting to watch it again and perhaps I will as I am cleaning house. Love your calaca's and the wonderful story behind them. Great job. Viva La Calaca and the roses too.:) Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Gloria - I saw that some people uploaded the entire video on YouTube and it made me want to watch it again, too.

      Enjoy your weekend!


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