Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today's Animal in Need

As of this Friday - we will need 16 more bunnies to be adopted or fostered (or 16 cages worth - pairs count as 1) in order to start the MAJOR construction project that we needed to re-home ALL the small critters to start. Still need homes a
nd fosters for hamsters, mice and guinea pigs. Have room to foster a small critter for 8 weeks? ALL supplies will be given to you - have a spare bedroom, a finished or semi-finished basement, etc? We only need you for 8-10 weeks! Please please please help us get construction done so we can open our store and low cost small animal clinic to the public ASAP!!!! Can you make room for a furry friend for just 8-10 weeks to SAVE OUR SHELTER???? PLEASE SHARE!


  1. What a beautiful bunny and what a great thing that you are doing. I'm sure they will find good homes. The Catrina/Catrin throw I ordered from Amazon under Day of The Dead or Dia de Los Muertos. Take care and thx for stopping by my blog. Hugs to the bunnies.

  2. Thanks, Gloria - I'll definitely look for that throw on Amazon!

    I do an animal a day - I see so many on my FB page and thought that sharing one of them a day might help them. It's heartbreaking to see so many who need homes...


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